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Calendário Metal 2024: saiba alguns álbuns que serão lançados em janeiro

O ano de 2024 promete ser emocionante para os fãs de heavy metal, com uma série de lançamentos altamente aguardados que devem agitar o cenário musical. Como acontece em todo início de ano, o número de álbuns previamente anunciados beira o absurdo, tamanha a quantidade de discos que já estão no forno. Para você ficar antenado no que está por vir, preparamos uma lista dos títulos que já estão anunciados e que têm datas definidas para seus lançamentos. Mês a mês, a ROADIE CREW te deixará antenado sobre os discos que estão a caminho das lojas e das plataformas de streaming.

Confira então, os álbuns que serão lançados neste mês de janeiro – os principais estão destacados na lista.

5 de janeiro

At The Plates – Omnivore (independente)
Cancer Christ – God Is Violence (Seeing Red)
Cara Nier – Portals To A Better, Dead World (Fiadh)
Dunwich Ritual – The Weird Tapes Sessions (Jawbreaker)
Haywire – Conditioned For Demolition (Daze)
Into The Deep – Blackfin (independente)
Lastworld – Beautiful Ilusion (Perris)
Meridion – Caverns (Iron, Blood And Death)
Morgue Terror – Morgue Terror (independente)
The Oddeven – Darkness (Eclipse)
Panzerchrist – All Witches Shall Burn (EP – Emanzipation)
Rutile – Virtuous Season (Fiadh)
Svdestada – Candela (Long Legs Long Arms)
Torn In Half/Open Kasket – Prayers Returned With Pain Split (EP – Isolated Incidents)

12 de janeiro

Alluvial – Death Is But A Door (EP – Nuclear Blast)
Artificial Heaven – Digital Dreams (My Kingdom)
The Awesome Machine – …It’s Ugly Or Nothing (Relançamento – Ripple)
Bronson Arm – Bronson Arm (Learning Curve)
Cariosus – Will, Until Beauty (independente)
Casey – How To Disappear (Greyscale)
The Clamps – Megamouth (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Crucifier – Hell Is For The Hopeful (independente)
Domination Campaign – A Storm Of Steel (Prosthetic)
Drown In Sulphur – Dark Secrets Of The Soul (Scarlet)
Edenya – Another Place (M&O)
Emil Bulls – Love Will Fix It (Arising Empire)
Empire Demolition – Defenestration (independente)
Engulf – The Dying Planet Weeps (Everlasting Spew)
Escuela Grind – Ddeeaaatthhmmeettaall EP (MNRK Heavy)
Exit Eden – Femmes Fatales (Napalm)
Extinction A.D. – Ruthless Intent (EP – Unique Leader)
Gothony – Gothony (Inverse)
The Grandmaster – Black Sun (Frontiers)
Infant Island – Obsidian Wreath (Secret Voice)
Invertia – Through The Black Bubble (independente)
Iron Front – Hooked (Creator-Destructor)
Jim Peterik & World Stage – Roots & Shoots Vol. 1 (Frontiers)
Karnak Seti – Restos (EP – independente)
Krvna – The Rhythmus Of Death Eternal (EP – Zazen)
Last In Time – Too Late (Rockshots)
Magnum – Here Comes The Rain (Napalm)
Mourning Dawn – The Foam Of Despair (Aesthetic Death)
Neal Morse – The Restoration – Joseph: Part Two (Frontiers)
Nobody’s Fool – Time (Battlegod)
No Terror In The Bang – Heal (Klonosphere)
Oathbringer – Tales Of Valor (RTR)
Psycho Ward – Committed (Battlegod)
Ravenstine – 2024 (Massacre)
Ritual Earth/Kazak – Turned To Stone (Split – Ripple)
Russell/Guns – Medusa (Frontiers)
Ryujin – Ryujin (Napalm)
Saevus Finis – Facilis Descensus Averno (Transcending Obscurity)
Sabotage India – Pishach (independente)
Sea Of Consciousness – Sea Of Consciousness (independente)
Splitknuckle – Breathing Through The Wound (Daze)                                                                                                                                   The Rods – Rattle the Cage (Massacre Records)
Ultimatum – Among Potential States (Relançamento – Loud Rage)
Wizard Cage – Wizard Cage (Fiadh)
Xephyr – No Signal (independente)
Yersin – The Scythe Is Remorseless (Trepnation)
Zero Cipher – Nu Metal (independente)


19 de janeiro

Abhoria – Depths (Prosthetic)
Advocacy – The Path Of Decoherence (Uprising)
Andracca – To Bare The Weight Of Death (Vendetta)
A/Oratos – Ecclesia Gnostica (LADLO)
Autumn’s Child – Tellus Timeline (Pride & Joy)
Avenger – Steel On Steel: The Complete Avenger Recordings (Dissonance)
Becoming The Lion – Turning Point (EP – independente)
Boundless Chaos – Sinister Upheaval (Dying Victims)
Breaths – Melt Away (EP – independente)
CobraKill – Serpent’s Kiss (Frontiers)
Cold In Berlin – The Body Is The Wound  (EP – New Heavy Sounds)
Corvus – Immortals (Pride & Joy)
Dark Years From Now – De-illuminate (independente)
Death Killer – Total Destruction Of The Entire Universe (Last Day Of The North)
Disconnected Souls – Fragments Of Consciousness (independente)
Eave – Fervor (Fiadh)
Final Coil – The World We Inherited (Sliptrick)
Fugit – Bury Me Here (independente)
The Funeral Procession – In Still Silence (independente)
Gothic – Underground (Loud Rage)
Gotus – Gotus (Frontiers)
Grand – Second To None (Frontiers)                                                                                                                                                              Green Day – Saviours (Reprise/Warner)

Horrorgraphy – A Knight’s Tale (Wormholedeath)
Kontact – Full Contact (Dying Victims)
Lazarus Dream – Imaginary Life (Pride & Joy)
Lord Dying – Clandestine Transcendence (MNRK Heavy)
Malist – Of Scorched Earth (Avantgarde)
Master – Saints Dispelled (Hammerheart)
MesaVerde – All Is Well (Apollon)
Methedrine – No Solution, No Salvation (Time To Kill)
Nargathrond – Mourning Season (independente)
Narzissus – Akt III: Erlosung (Fiadh)
Nature Of The Beast – Radio Hauntings (Wormholedeath)
Necromass – Exsanguinati Sacerdotes (Fiadh)
Necro Weasel – A Brave New World (Foxhole)
Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All Vol. 8 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All Vol. 9 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Night Thieves – Polarity (EP – independente)
Notorious – Marching On (Pride & Joy)
Rail Rage – Wolves Among Sheep (independente)
Resin Tomb – Cerebral Purgatory (Transcending Obscurity)
Ribspreader – Reap Humanity (Xtreem)
The Rods – Rattle The Cage (Massacre)
Saxon – Hell, Fire And Damnation (Silver Lining)
Sgàile – Traverse The Bealach (Avantgarde)
Sovereign – Altered Realities (Dark Descent)
Tim’s Favourite – amaConda (independente)
Touché Amoré –Survived By: Revived (Deathwish)
Tropic Santos – Caccia Grossa (Argonauta)
Underneath – From The Gut Of Gaia (Syrup Moose)
Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon (Century Media)
Vemod – The Deepening (Prophecy)
The Vice – Dead Canary Run (Noble Demon)
Wasp Mother – Digital Pollution (EP – independente)

Saxon | Foto: Lea Stephan

26 de janeiro

Abyssius – Abyssius (independente)
Alcatrazz – Rock Justice: Complete Recordings 1983-1986 (HNE)
Alkaline Trio – Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs (Rise)
Almost Dead – Destruction Is All We Know (Innerstrength)
Ancient VVisdom – Master Of The Stone (Argonauta)
Any Given Day – Limitless (Arising Empire)
Autumns Eyes – Grimoire Of Oak & Shadow (independente)
Blood Red Throne – Nonagon (Soulseller)
Boarhammer – Boarhammer II: Chemognosis – A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Naturmacht)
Byron – Chapter II: The Lotus Covenant (Goatmancer)
Caligula’s Horse – Charcoal Grace (InsideOut)
Carnal Savagery – Into The Abysmal Void (Moribund)
Cerulean – Carrion Angel (I, Voidhanger)
Cognizance – Phantazein (Willowtip)
Command – Resver (Jawbreaker)
Corax B.M. – Pagana (The Circle)
Cosmic Void – Subterranean Rivers (independente)
Dead Poet Society – Fission (Spinefarm)
Dipygus – Dipygus (Memento Mori)
Dissimulator – Lower Form Resistance (20 Buck Spin)
Dreamworm – The Journey (EP – independente)
Drip Fed Empire – Revolutionist (independente)
Dripping Decay – Ripping Remains (EP – Satanik Royalty)
Drowned – Procul His (Sepulchral Voice)
Dymytry – Five Angry Men (AFM)
Exocrine – Legend (Season Of Mist)
Eye Flys – Eye Flys (Thrill Jockey)
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Dark Rainbow (independente)
Funeral Winds – 333 (Osmose)
The Gems – Phoenix (Napalm)
Godfrost – Godfrost (Sliptrick)
Greengoat – A.I. (Argonauta)
Guhts – Regeneration (Seeing Red)
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Where I Begin (Eclipse)
Hellman – Born, Death, Suffering (Black Lodge)
Hiraes – Dormant (Napalm)
Hyloxalus – Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole (independente)
The Infernal Sea – Hellfenlic (Candlelight)
Jenner – Prove Them Wrong (Fighter)
Junta – Junta (Sentient Ruin)
Kalt Vindur – Magna Mater (The Circle)
Kill The Thrill – Autophagie (Season Of Mist)
Lotus Thief/Forlesen – Lotus Thief/Forlesen Split (I, Voidhanger)
Lucifer – Lucifer V (Nuclear Blast)
Luciferian Rites – Oath Of Midnight Ashes (Moribund)
Manticora – Mycelium (Mighty)
Mega Colossus – Showdown (Cruz Del Sur)
Merrimack – Obsecrations To The Horned (Relançamento – Moribund)
Metalite – Expedition One (AFM)
Midjungards – When Empires Fall (Dark Trails)
Midnatt/Overture – Swedish Metal (Split – Gates Of Hell/Jawbreaker)
Mountain Caller – Chronicle II: Hypergenesis (Church Road)
Mouri Sunlight – Nestos Me Toi (Syrup Moose)
Necrotum – Defleshed Exhumation (Memento Mori)
New Model Army – Unbroken (earMusic)
The Oldest House – A Worm Through Time (EP – I, Voidhanger)
Olhava – Sacrifice (Avantgarde)
Onslaught Kommand – Visions Of Blood And Gore (EP – Godz Ov War)
Pandora’s Key – Yet I Remain (independente)
Poorhouse – XII (independente)
Satyasena – Satyasena (Sympatry)
Savage Republic – Live In Wroclaw January 7, 2023 (Mobilization)
Sinn-Inc – Kill Your Idols (independente)
Slower – Slower (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Snakes In The Pit – Hamburg City Hardcore (independente)
Soulcarrion – Enthrone Death (Godz Ov War)
Static-X – Project Regeneration: Vol. 2 (independente)
Stone Horns – Age Of Chimairas (Rockshots)
Stuporous – Asylum’s Lament (Void Wanderer)
Tanin’iver – Dark Evils Desecrate (Morning Star Heresy)
Temple Of Void – The First Ten Years (Hammerheart)
Thunder – Live At Islington Academy (earMusic)
Thunder – Live At Leeds (earMusic)
To The Wire – Willpower (Dedication)
Unsouling – Vampiric Spiritual Drain (I, Voidhanger)
Various Artists – Mesmerized – A Tribute To Celtic Frost (A Time To Kill)
Vipassi – Lightless (Season Of Mist)
Vitriol – Suffer & Become (Century Media)
Whitechapel – Live In The Valley (Metal Blade)
Wizard Death – I Am The Night EP (independente)



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