CHAKAL – The Man Is Own Jackal / Death Is A Lonely Business



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Lançado em 2008, finalmente em CD os dois álbuns lançados pelo Chakal na década de 90: The Man Is His Own Jackal de 1990 e Death is a Lonely Business de 1991.

Track List:
The Man Is His Own Jackal:
1. Fell no Pain
2. Silence n Peace
3. Acme Dead End Road
4. Holobyte
5. Hangover
6. Santa Claus Has Got Skin Cancer
7. In Vain
8. S.S.C. 333
9. Synthetic Tears

Death is a Lonely Business:
10. Before It s Too Late
11. Mind Cries, Body Dies
12. Panic in the Fast Food
13. Fear of Death
14. Beholder
15. A Certain Afternoon Havin Strawberry Jelly on Mars Watching the Dick Birds Fly South
16. Choked
17. Useless Denial to Hear

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